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Beer, Beer, Everywhere – F&B at The Rugby World Cup

It has been described as ‘the cauldron’ and the ‘birthplace of Japanese Rugby’, but during the Rugby World Cup (RWC), the Nissan Stadium, as it is known for most of the year, reverted back to its original name: the International Stadium Yokohama (ISY). Built in 1998 for the FIFA World Cup in 2002, ISY was designated by World Rugby as the main venue for the 2019 RWC Semi-Finals and Final after the proposed new National Stadium would not be completed in time.

For any event, F&B is a key revenue driver. For the Rugby, a report published by Ernst & Young showed that the +400,000 international visitors to RWC2015 spent almost £1 Billion during their stay, of which c20% was on food and drink. These figures obviously included spend away from the stadiums, not just on game day, but nevertheless it highlights the opportunity. With this year’s tournament held in Japan, the international visitor figures (and resultant F&B spend) would naturally be bolstered by nations such as England and Wales, who were not included in the previous numbers.

Research by the organizers also suggest high-income earners account for a larger percentage of rugby fans than those of other sports, meaning they can afford to spend more on alcohol. According to the report, the RWC is expected to create roughly ¥437 billion ($4 billion) economic boost for Japan. That includes a direct impact of over ¥100 billion from spending by overseas visitors, with a significant amount expected to come from purchase of beer.

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