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james boag upper deck

James Boag Upper Deck – Launceston Airport – FAB Award Winner 2017 for Best Reflecting Sense of Place APAC

CategoryBest Reflecting Sense of Place APAC
ClientJames Boag Upper Deck
LocationLaunceston, Tasmania

The local Tasmanian brew brand, James Boag, opened its boutique bar and dining venue in Launceston Airport.

Serving its famous premium beers and wines alongside a menu of locally sourced cuisines, James Boag Upper Deck is a warm, homely eatery with a spacious layout with a variety of seating options. Visitors can choose between sipping on a cocktail at the bar, lounging on the comfortable couches, getting some work done at the café-style tables or digging into hearty food at the diner-inspired booths.

The diverse menu doesn’t exclude anyone. With a wide range of gluten-, meat- and diary-free options available, James Boag doesn’t let anyone go hungry – no matter the dietary preference. The restaurant and bar open in the early morning hours and only close after the last departing flight.

It is the design of this multi-layered, inclusive space that palmed in the FAB award for the Best Reflecting Sense of Place in Asia Pacific. Operated by Emirates Leisure Retail Australia (ELRA), previous Managing Director and now Lead Partner of Ground Control, Adam Summerville lead the way for this new F&B roll-out to become a traveler’s favourite in Launceston Airport.