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Coopers Alehouse – Sydney Airport – FAB Award Winner 2014 for Airport Bar of the Year Globally

CategoryAirport Bar of the Year Globally
ClientCoopers Alehouse
LocationSydney, Australia

Coopers Alehouse is a laid-back bar and diner that opened in Sydney Airport’s Terminal 1 in 2013. This rollout is part of Emirates Retail Group and is perfect for passengers to grab a beer or glass of wine while waiting for their flight.

Spearheaded by Ground Control’s Lead Partner Adam Summerville, Coopers Alehouse received FAB’s ‘Airport Bar of the Year Globally’ award in 2014.

Coopers Brewery is the largest manufacturer and exporter of DIY Brewing Extracts world-wide. Born in the early 1970’s, Coopers started out as a producer of DIY beer kits when legislation allowing at-home beer brewing was just introduced. In the coming years, the brand expanded its sales across Australia and later as far as Europe and North America. Today, Coopers is the global number one seller of DIY beer extracts and their signature cold ones are known to beer lovers all over the world.

The Sydney Airport bar features an extensive range of local and international beer and wine, along with the specialty inhouse Coopers brew on tap. Although the bar is Coopers’ main traction, the kitchen offers a menu of light meals and bar snacks to accompany their popular selection of drinks.

Owned and operated by The Moodie Davitt Report, the FAB awards launched in 2011 as a first-of-its-kind initiative to recognise and celebrate the booming airport food and beverage industry. Since its establishment, FAB has become a well-known name among F&B retailers across the globe, making its mark as a key global gathering for this ever-evolving division of the retail industry.